VDC What does it mean

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What are the benefits of the VCD?


Costs are reduced from using a VDC, not low as you no longer have the cost of buying the servers, provisioning and servicing them. Although, there are other costs will be saved on, not least your in-house IT team will no longer be required to service your in-house data center, which either will free up their time, or if you have an MSP, they do not need to pay for travel time to and from your location to perform maintenance and upgrades.

*Saving Energy:

Data center uses a lot of power, not least to keep everything running cool. You may not be a “green” or into tree-hugging, but no matter, you will save a great deal of money on your power bills, in addition to helping out the environment.

Increase the Life of Legacy Applications:

You may have more than one old application running somewhere in your business. Probably operating off a 10 year old PC covered with dust, set up by an IT admin whose name you can’t recall!

Nevertheless, you still get many usages out of these old applications and changing them over may not be within your budget, or the business disruption is just too much to handle right now?

So, move them over to a virtual environment, and this will allow them to continue to run and usually with enhanced uptime. It will not prevent the need to tackle them eventually, but you will cheaply and effectively extend their useful life to your business.

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