Data room

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Types of data rooms

  • Virtual data room
  • Physical data room (data center)

First, Virtual data room

  • It is a website that has limited access and high level control. And to have access you must log in under supervision of vendor.
  • It is used by companies for secure and share important data. During acquisition and merging process and big deals operations.
  • The stored document and data is high value that also has big privacy to store it.

Virtual data room usage:-

  • The reason for these companies to store document is recalling at any time for financial and legal entity and authorities.
  • For replacing once ubiquitous physical rooms. It also costly and inconvenient and become outdated concept so it replaced with virtual rooms.

VDR benefits:-

  • It can maximize the deal value with making access for many bidders within short time.
  • Processing tools is quite quick and simpler.
  • Security; Data used is more secured with digits and the documents not allowed to be copied.
  • Efficiency; on paper during process.
  • Compliance; by keeping definite track of individuals have done coordination.
  • A tool to make coordination to all possible communication
  • Deal Intelligence; to understand all bidders’


VDR disadvantages

  • Cannot be reachable for criminal cases.
  • For any question and answer you entered a chat room that give you quickly answer but not verbal clues.

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